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What is PRI Telecom?

There are many ways in which a business organization can communicate with the world. There are also many different standards and specifications when it comes to the extremely sophisticated and complex telecom industry. Some of them are:

  • Bodies such as the ETSI which is European Telecommunications Standards Institute
  • Standards and categories such as SONET, TDM and carrier grade and so on
  • Different levels based on the ability of a particular service to carry voice and data transmissions and many others.

When you talk about standardized telecommunications services there is also PRI Telecom. 

What is PRI Telco? 

PRI is Primary Rate Interface which is a standard that lies within the ISDN or Integrated Services Digital Network framework. PRI denotes a specification meant to carry voice and data transmissions. The ISDN also has something known as the BRI which is Basic Rate Interface. The PRI and BRI differ in their level of service. The PRI is characterized by:

  • Being based on either T1 or E1 lines which have 24 and 32 channels respectively,
  • Providing differing number of channels across a few countries
  • Typically consisting of 23 bearer channels (B) and one 64 Kbits per second channel (D).

Where does PRI Telecom get applied? 

Since it is capable of providing massive levels of data transmission capability, generally PRI gets implemented or deployed by large-scale business organizations or enterprises. This allows them to use the 24 channels rather flexibly and split up between needs such as:

  • Data transmission
  • Voice transmission and even
  • Video conferencing facilities.

Advantages offered by PRI Telecom

While there are plenty of advantages offered by even a single PRI line, here are the main aspects:

  • Cost effectiveness because one PRI connection can take all the load of 30 separate lines. This means lower rentals and simpler management of your telecom landscape,
  • Additional features such as caller ID, call hunting and even direct inward dialing can be delivered by PRI lines.
  • Faster connectivity when it comes to making telephone calls,
  • Flexibility because your service provider can “play around” with not just your requirements of data and voice transmission but also the number of lines that you need to use.
  • Higher security because of its digital framework.
  • It has been developed primarily for industrial use whereas the BRI takes care of smaller offices or home requirements.

PRI Telco and its capacity

Since the PRI was developed keeping in mind the industrial or large enterprise clients, it can deliver high-capacity services that are deployed through typical T1 trunk lines that can run between your enterprise location and the nearest telecom central office. Therefore, if you have a communications intensive operation such as a call center, you can easily turn to PRI for seamless and large-scale operations. Thus, a PRI Telecom service will eliminate the need for investing in a number of lines and complex telecom landscape. This digital connection can deliver some extremely robust communications capabilities to large business organizations. The flexibility of a PRI line simply means that you do not have to constantly invest in additional trunk lines every time your communications requirements increase."

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