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Residential T1 Internet Service

If you were to ask somebody to list out the most important features of a T1 line, then the chances are pretty high that the following words will be used:

• Robust
• Reliable
• Scalable
• Fast and
• Expensive.

Of course, for a business organization all the above features are extremely critical. A business organization is also better placed to deal with the “expensive” part of T1 services. After all, robust technology such as T1 internet service delivers advantages that will help a business owner justify the higher costs of the same. But what happens when we talk about residential complexes or even individuals wanting a T1 line?

The cost factor

It all boils down the cost factor when a residential owner or an individual is looking at investing in T1 Internet connection. Depending on the service provider, the cost of a T1 internet service can work out to anywhere from $180.00 to $500.00 every month. So is it worth it for an individual to go in for a T1 line?

Home business owners

A lot of people have turned to working from home and running businesses from their residence, thanks to the power of the Internet. Investing in a T1 Internet connection does make a lot of sense because it offers them the kind of reliability, and scalability that they need. Therefore, the high cost factor is not going to be a deterrent for such individuals.

Benefits of home T1 Internet connection

There are plenty of benefits that a T1 Internet connection can bring in. Apart from the reliability and network services of course, even a residential T1 line can bring with it benefits such as:

• Professional service level agreement or SLA which will spell out the guaranties of the quality of connection
• Priority when it comes to troubleshooting
• A guarantee of 1.54 megabits per second when it comes to throughput and
• The ability to make telephone calls in a significantly larger number.

Fractional T1 services

Most homeowners will definitely weigh the costs of a T1 internet service and the benefits that they hope to derive from it. Given the increase in competition for the same, a lot of service providers are going out of their way to offer fractional T1 services. As the term denotes, the price is significantly lower for such connections but the throughput may also be lower.

Given the number of service providers in this landscape and the various combinations of services that they can offer, quite a large number of residential owners or individuals are also going in for T1 services.

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