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Is residential T1 worth it?

Most people want their communications to be:

  • Instant,
  • Cost-effective,
  • Intelligent,
  • Available and
  • Robust.

In terms of technological solutions to connect to the Internet, one of the services that offers all the above advantages is T1. However, it may prove to be more cost-effective for a business organization because it is higher-priced when compared with other services. However, a lot of people are considering residential T1 simply because it offers them reliable connectivity. Simply put, if you are willing to pay $200.00 and $450.00 a month for your Internet connection, then you can should consider a T1 line for your home as well.

Small business owner

A lot of small-business owners also operate from their homes. This could either mean that they have converted their home itself into an office or extend their work place to encompass the residence as well. It does make a lot of sense to such an individual to go in for residential T1 line. It will give him or her an opportunity to incorporate Internet services and telephone lines on one T1 line and save a bit of money.

Availability of services

When it comes to T1 service providers, they are able to deliver robust service level agreements and a high degree of availability and reliability of services. Obviously, this will extend to a residential T1 as well. So if it is extremely important and critical for you to have an always available and always reliable Internet connection open, then it would certainly be worthwhile to go in for a T1 line for your home.

Your location

It is also interesting to note that the price of a residential T1 line will depend on the distance from your location to your telephone company’s office. The further away you are, the higher will be the price. Therefore, if you are located pretty close to the local telecom office and you are extremely keen on getting a T1 line for your home, then you may realize that the overhead cost is pretty negligible and therefore a T1 investment can prove to be worthwhile.

Introduction of new services

There are plenty of service providers who are coming up with some extraordinary offerings when it comes to residential T1 and this can go a long way in helping you enjoy scalability, low latency connectivity and ability to access various kinds of services such as data, cloud services and so on. This simply means that as and when your business grows and you move out of your home to bigger offices, your Internet access will keep pace with you effortlessly.

Better support

When it comes to residential T1, you may also enjoy better technical and customer support because most service providers focus on extremely swift restoration of services if and when it goes down. So if your home based business needs an always available Internet access and cannot deal with the loss of business due to Internet interruption, then going in for a T1 line for your home or small business makes complete sense. Price tag aside, a T1 line for your home can offer plenty of benefits.

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