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T1 over Ethernet - when does this become useful

With Internet access, an individual can do lots of things. Whether it is for their personal lives or professional services, connectivity to the Internet can change the way people interact with the world at large. Some of the most popular uses of the Internet are:

  • Online searches for information
  • Social networking
  • Shopping
  • Emailing
  • Better business operations and
  • Gaming and video streaming as well.

Thus, going in for a good quality Internet connection such as T1 for gaming and video streaming can indeed enhance the experience you have if you are a serious gamer.

How does Internet connection matter?

When you are looking for high-quality experience when it comes to gaming and video streaming, your Internet connection and its speed and reliability will allow you to:

  • Upload and download information quickly
  • Interact with other players online
  • Continue to enjoy your game experience and notch up achievements as well.

There is absolutely no denying the fact that T1 for gaming and video streaming is a serious business indeed with hard-core gamers.

T1 connection

When you talk about a T1 connection, it essentially means that you will enjoy a speed of 1.54 megabits per second. What is more, you will also enjoy symmetrical upload and download speeds. These are probably the biggest advantages that T1 for gaming and video streaming can offer to you. Looking for a dedicated Internet connection for video streaming and gaming will often see you deciding on a reliable T1 connection.

Expense factor

Normally, the one disadvantage, if you can call it that, as far as T1 for gaming and video streaming is concerned is the expense of a T1 connectivity. Depending on your location, you can see yourself spending around $250 and upwards every month for a T1 line. More often than not, a T1 is actually more useful for a business organization for the various functions.


Most people do look for alternatives when it comes to T1 for gaming and video streaming and some of the options that come up are Ethernet, a cable modem or even business class Ethernet. For the gaming community, it is only about latency. And the faster they can connect to their ecosystem when it comes to gaming and video streaming, the more satisfied they will be with their connection.

Options with T1

A lot of people who go in for T1 for gaming and video streaming can also exercise the options of either going in for a full T1 line or fractional T1 lines. For gamers, as mentioned before, it can become more about latency rather than bandwidth. Upload and download speeds do affect latency and obviously the faster these speeds are the sooner your data can be transmitted. So, a fractional T1 may increase the latency. And if a gamer or a person looking to stream videos wants lower latency then he may have to make the right decision in this regard.

Thus, when it comes to online gaming and video streaming, it really is a question about the balance between bandwidth and latency and the kind of prices you are willing to pay for your Internet access.

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